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B-Lite 1000W Dimmable Digital Ballast
B-lite Digital Dimmable Ballasts are ideal to serve all your lighting needs. B-Lite can power 400w, 600w, and 1000w lamps, putting the versatility of 3 ballasts into 1. With Smart-Ignition Technology, B-Lite protects your equipment and electrical sys..
Root Royale CocoPure 50L
Root Royale Cocopure is a natural growing medium produced from premium grade coconut husks. Root Royal has a high water absorption rate and maintains 30% air porosity which results in optimum growing conditions for your plants.  The coco coir consis..
Rooting Media Kit
Hormones include IBA and NAA auxin rooting hormones. Kit includes nutrients vitamins hormone preservative and exclusive GelAgar gelling medium. All items premeasured to make one liter of finished medium and shipped in a reusable 4-oz. tissue cultur..
Super-Tube 6
This unique SuperTube 6 Reflector features an adjustable width which allows the user to control the surface area covered and a built-in Pyrex cool tube that provides less drag to achieve maximum airflow and CFM. The pre-installed aerodynamically desi..
Thermostat Cruise Temp (heat or cool)
Hydrotek Cruise Temp thermostat has a gas filled coil for great reliability. Give or take 2 degrees of accuracy. Turns fan ON when the temperature has reached 4 degrees above set point and turns fan OFF at 3 degrees below set point. Simply plug your ..
Xacto Cup Display w/ 9 glasses
The Xacto Cup Measuring Glass is a pint size measuring glass featuring Milliliters Teaspoons and Ounces. This package includes a Xacto Cup POS Tabletop Display + 9 Shot glasses...
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