Hydro Innovations

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Hydro Innovations HydroGen CO2 Monitor
Calibrated and maintenance free, the HydroGEN CO2 Monitor utilizes top quality SenseAir brand CO2 detection technology. This monitor will work with any CO2 generator or bottle regulator. It is simply all you need to regulate CO2 in your garden. Progr..
Hydro Innovations Ice Cap Heat Scrubber
This accessory for the HydroGEN and HydroGEN Pro uses a heat exchanger and a fan to cool the last little bit of heat left over in the CO2 produced by the generators. Adding the Ice Cap can take the water cooling efficiency from 86% to 98%!..
HydroGen Water Cooled CO2 MiniGen Generator LP
The MiniGEN is a propane fueled CO2 generator that comes with a removable heat exchanger that allows you to use the MiniGEN with or without water cooling. Designed for use in small gardens (10 ft x 10 ft or less), the unit measures only 6 in x 7 in x..
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