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Klasmann Base Substrate 2 Medium Plus Perlite 4.0 cu ft
Klasmann Base Substrate 2 is a tried and true universal blend of fine to medium structure peat that allows for a wide range of growing from trays to containers. Klasmann Base Substrate 2 mix contains perlite for better drainage and aeration. This par..
Klasmann TS 1 Plus Perlite Fine 4.0 cu ft
Klasmann TS 1 Fine plus perlite is an extra-fine structured mix that is rich and superior and a great universal blend. The peat used in TS 1 Fine plus perlite is harvested carefully and there is no high speed milling involved. This keeps the structur..
Klasmann TS 4 Plus Perlite Medium 4.0 cu ft
Klasmann TS 4 Medium plus perlite contains two very select types of peat structure, which create a state-of-the-art mix that is popular with professional growers all over the world. The first of these two peat structures is Sod Peat Fraction 2 which ..
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