SunBlaster Micro GrowLight Garden

Brand: Sun Blaster
Product Code: 1600198
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The New Growlight Garden Micro is a complete indoor garden. The reduced footrprint of this garden makes it ideal for home growers with limited space, or office workers who wish to add a little "green" to their working environments.

The Growlight Garden is ideal for growing micro greens & herbs, or just showcasing your favorite plants, while ensuring they et all the water and full spectrum natrual light they need to grow and thrive.

The Growlight Garden comes complete with:

  • SunBlaster 12" T5HO 6400K lighting with NanoTech reflector for growing & maintaining your plants as well as starting your fovorite seeds. full spectrum lighting for year round growing.
  • Lighting canopy with easy height adjustment for getting exactly the right light to the plants, seeds or transplants below
  • Base unit for holding your plants nutrient and water supply ensuring your plants always have just the right amount of nutrient or water they require for up to 14 days dependant on growing conditions
  • Wicking table and capillary matting is included as part of the watering system, your plants are fed and watered via this matting which wicks the correct amount of moisture to your plants insuring optimum growth
  • Four reusable seedling trays are included allowing you to grow a single crop or a variety of micro greens or herbs as you desire
  • Attractive table top design perfect in the home, office or restauratn.
  • Just add your favorite seedlin mix, seeds or transplants and enjoy your indoor garden all year round!

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