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Whether you are a commercial grower looking to expand or a flower
and plant enthusiast who would like to bring your summer
garden indoors – The Root in Brookfield, Illinois can help!

Root 66 Garden Shop combines safe aquaculture raising fish and hydroponic plant growing to produce a symbiotic relationship benefiting both. We use Ebb Flow, NFT and Floating Garden concepts with fish tanks up to 2,000 gallons. 


We offer greenhouses and living wall systems to help you produce organic fruits and vegetables hydroponically. Pick your fish, pick your plants, pick your size - and we’ll put it together!


We supply grow lights and bulbs, irrigation supplies, sump tanks, propagation/grow trays, synthetic and organic fertilizer, exhaust fans, soil, hydroponic grow cubes, grow media, ppm and EC meters, pots, tubing, reflectors, carbon and water filters, pumps, timers, CO2 and humidity controllers… all of the supplies you need to grow, bloom and flower plants and vegetables.


Whether you are a commercial grower looking to expand, or a flower and plant enthusiast who would like to bring your summer garden indoors – we can help!


Growing indoors or outdoors hydroponically is not a new idea and neither is aquaponics… today it is much easier, affordable and an accepted thing to do. Hydroaquaponic Systems and Root 66 Garden Shop can help show you how easy it is!


Visit our online store for a complete catalog of items. We are a full service shop and an on-line hydroponic distributor and commercial aquaponic greenhouse builder. Service and maintenance contracts are available.


Gold Standard Nutrients... A Root 66 Exclusive

Grow With "The Root" And Use The Gold Standard!


Root 66 carries EXCLUSIVE Gold Standard Nutrients, formulated after the Master Dutche Formula.


- Simple Progressive Design - Starting with Base A & B nutrients to provide all the basic Macro and Micro Nutrients a plant needs to grow steadily  from seed to harvest


- Add a complete supplemental offering filled with plant vitamins, Biostimulants, enhancers and boosters to increase % of yield and essential oils, add nutrient density and "Brix" to your crops!!


- Derived from a proprietary blend of earthly minerals essential to plant growth and purified/refined organic plant extracts to stimulate maximum plant potential


- The top hydroponic nutrient line able to be run in recirculating reservoirs as well as traditional soil and soil-less growing medias


- Simply the "Gold Standard" of plant nutrient formulas


Education, Knowledge and Offerings ~ Our Difference

One of the big differences between Root 66 and other indoor garden shops, is our knowledge and our willingness to openly share it with our customers and the customers of our competition. Another difference to note is that we offer products and knowledge in all forms of gardening. Whether you are looking to grow hydroponically, organically or aquaponics we are the only source you need. Stop in and see us or give us a call and after 15 minutes with us you will see why more people are joining the Root 66 Grow Team.