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Wheatgrass Juicing

Wheatgrass is chockfull of chlorophyll, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes. Many people use wheatgrass juice to boost the immune system, improve energy or as a detoxifier. For the human digestive system to be able to access the nutrients, wheatgrass must be juiced or otherwise broken down.


Juicing with a Juicer

Ingredients: Wheatgrass

Equipment: Use a juicer with masticating blade, not centrifugal, Like Lexen, Omega, or The Healthy Juicer  and a measuring cup.


Put the grass in the juicer, in small amounts.

Juice 1 or 2 oz of juice (or however much you see fit for your personal nutrition)

Drink it within 15 minutes of the preparation.

(Add fresh mint to the juice to settle any mild stomach disruption)


Juicing Without a Juicer

~ Step One: Buy or grow wheatgrass. Wheatgrass can be grown in soil or hydroponically from red or white wheat berries, also called wheat seeds. You can also find trays of fresh wheatgrass for sale in the produce department of some natural food stores.


~ Step Two: Harvest wheatgrass just before blending for maximum freshness. Cut the wheatgrass stalks with a sharp pair of scissors just above the soil, or just above the root system of hydroponic wheatgrass.


~ Step Three: Place the wheatgrass stalks in the canister of the blender and add an equal amount of water. You may also use more water for a milder, more palatable beverage.


~ Step Four: Blend on high for at least 60 seconds or until the wheatgrass is completely pulverized.


~ Step Five: Strain out the wheatgrass pulp by pouring the wheatgrass and water mix through a few sheets of cheesecloth. Discard or compost the pulp.


~ Step Six: Consume the wheatgrass juice immediately. Wheatgrass juice is often added to fruit smoothies or juice blends.